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New Home Valuation (MSRV)

The Datacomp MSRV or Market-Suggested Retail Value, is a comprehensive web-based valuation service designed to meet the requirements of the new HPML appraisal valuation rules. Built on Datacomp's trusted platform for accurate market-based valuations, each valuation is performed by Datacomp's experienced manufactured home appraisers. The MSRV utilizes highly automated decision support tools that enable Datacomp appraisers to quickly and cost-effectively deliver consistently reliable market-supported retail values that support your sales effort.

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How can the MSRV assist me as a lender?

The Datacomp MSRV is intended to fulfill the new home valuation requirements of the HPML appraisal rules for new manufactured homes (12.CFR 1026.35).

How can the MSRV help me sell homes?

Datacomp has developed the MSRV Pre-Sale certificate as a tool to help manufactured home retailers sell more homes.

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Can I order an MSRV for a Pre-Owned home?

The MSRV product is specifically designed for new, never been lived in homes, that are at most 2 years old. If you need a value for a pre-owned or older home, you will want to order one of our standard appraisal products.

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How do I order the MSRV?

Datacomp has created a new website for ordering the MSRV. From this new website, you may order the MSRV with your Datacomp account, as a guest user, or you may download a form that you can fax to our office.

View the MSRV order website.