Join the Professionals at Datacomp Appraisal

Datacomp Appraisal team members have been on the job for manufactured home owners and MH professionals on average for 15 years. We take this as a testament to our office culture, collaborative approach and work-life balance. At Datacomp, our greatest resource is our people, and their commitment to providing clients with excellent support and customer service. Each morning, our employees are eager to get a start on the day’s tasks, and at the end of each day they’re happy to be a part of the Datacomp team.

Our work is fun, educational and lends support to thousands of people each day. Our goal is to hire great people, help them develop as dedicated professionals and continue to build the valuable relationships that make our quality of work possible.

Whether you’re starting out, considering a career change or looking to continue in the industry, working at Datacomp Appraisal could among be the best decisions you’ve ever made.

If you’re interested in steady part-time and self-managed work, look at the opportunity to join our inspector network. We also list open full-time positions on this page that might pique your interest in being part of the in-house office team at Datacomp.