Solutions for Lenders

Datacomp maintains strong relationships within the nationwide lending community through its understanding of the manufactured housing industry, its focus on fast and efficient service, and the diversity of its products. Our solutions reduce risk and help create sustained profitability.

manufactured housing lender solutions

We provide information lenders need for accurate and secure programs on homes and communities nationwide.

Lenders have a clear and legitimate interest in the condition and value of a home or property they will lend on. Due diligence requires a timely and reliable inspection and/or appraisal of the asset under consideration for financing, both to satisfy regulatory requirements and for documentation of internal lending practices. Find out essential details about a specific home, including average selling price and number of days on market for a resale home.

new mobile home market based appraisal

Datacomp’s Unique Approach

The Datacomp new home market-based appraisal follows the same methodology and criteria for valuations on residential site-built homes, a unique offering in the manufactured housing industry. We focus on a thorough inspection, finding recent and similar nearby sales, and conducting analysis of those comparable home sales to allow our appraisers to document an unbiased and expert opinion of value.

How We Use NADA

The National Association of Automotive Dealers produces the NADA Manufactured Home Value Guide, which is used to calculate the average depreciated retail value of a manufactured or mobile home. The primary drawback of this approach is that book value is designed to work around the many factors from the local market that impact individual home value. The NADA producers even caution users that the only way to get an accurate value for a specific home is to physically inspect the home and to use recent, local comparable sales. At the lender’s request, Datacomp will calculate the NADA Book Value and use it as the “cost approach value” in our market-based appraisal.

Datacomp MSRV

The Datacomp MSRV

The Datacomp MSRV, or Market Suggested Retail Value, is a valuation report intended to fulfill the HPML appraisal rules for new manufactured homes. Based on our trusted platform for accurate, market-based valuations, the MSRV establishes an independent, local retail value for a new home based on actual market sales.

Our MSRV product uses a market approach based on comparable, new home sales transactions. Consistent retail values are provided through automated decision-support tools and are appraiser-reviewed for accuracy and reliability.

Comprehensive Market-Based Appraisals

Home photographs, measurements, and detailed descriptions of the home and attached structures are gathered and forwarded to our in-house appraisal experts. Utilizing our proprietary database of more than five million manufactured home sales, one of our appraisers calculates the fair market value and produces a written appraisal report. This comprehensive 12-page report is then emailed directly to you, providing you with a detailed description of the subject home, options and accessories, community data, interior and exterior photos, comparable sales data, and a calculation of the fair market value-based determination on comparable sales. Our appraisal reports are welcomed by hundreds of lenders nationwide.

Know Your Assets

Investors are increasingly interested in “books” of homes or the cumulative homes value within a particular community. Meaningful valuations on these kind of collected assets can be difficult to obtain. But Datacomp is able to use its documentation from more than 5 million valuations nationwide, as well as its understanding of MH community performance in specific regions, to form a baseline for portfolio valuations of this class.

manufactured home community inspections

Condition and Ratings

Chances are at least one of our inspectors has spent time in your community of interest. With a network of more than 700 field inspectors, and historical knowledge of how communities operate in specific regions, Datacomp can do the research, document findings and produce a report that assigns a 1- to 5-star rating on any community of interest in the U.S.

Home Status Documentation

The most clear and essential service Datacomp provides is evidence that a home actually exists. We verify make, model and serial number, year and size. We document the options and accessories within the home, take photographs on exterior and interior elements and comment on any apparent defects or improvements. However, a home inspection from Datacomp is not a structural or mechanical inspection. Inspections that detail HVAC systems, the integrity of the roof, tie downs, belly, plumbing and other such attributes require a full appraisal. In other word, Datacomp’s home inspection services essentially is the appraisal minus the valuation. The Datacomp home inspection report is designed to bring attention to any major structural flaws, and is best suited to lenders who are less concerned with collateral value and primarily want to satisfy due diligence requirements. Maybe the loan is already secured, and the lender is looking back to check a box.

manufactured home post-site inspections

Exterior Verification

An inspector on a post-site inspection typically stays on the exterior of the home, often called by a lender to assure that a site is prepped and ready for home delivery, verification that a home has been delivered and properly sited, or appears in general working condition leading to a re-sale or re-finance.

Community Lists & Attributes

Datacomp works in communities across the country every day, and our inspectors keep meticulous notes from community owners and managers on profile changes on a property. These profile changes include community age restrictions, pet restrictions, available amenities such as pool or community center, as well as more technical apparatus including types of water metering and storm water drainage systems.

JLT Market Reports

Datacomp works in communities across the country every day, and our inspectors keep meticulous notes from community owners and managers on profile changes to a particular property. There are many changes that may occur in a manufactured home community every year, and among those we track are rent and adjusted rent figures — comparable from year to year — as well as occupancy rates for more than 40,000 communities in better than 150 primary markets across the continental United States.

Manufactured housing is a niche industry requiring specialized information. We help lenders by providing high quality documentation for the condition and value of a manufactured home, portfolio of homes or manufactured home community. Datacomp provides these services and detailed reports to help create transparency and stability in lending, for financial institutions and for the buyers and sellers they serve.