Solutions for Insurance Providers

Insurance providers for pre-owned homes understand how critical the access to home ownership is, for individual owners and community owners alike. Datacomp works hand-in-hand with insurance companies to offer the owner the protection and security they anticipate. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and providing the value that’s deserved in cultivating meaningful and sustainable homeownership.


manufactured home insurance solutions

The Datacomp methodology and criteria for valuations is a unique offering in the manufactured housing industry. We focus on a thorough inspection, finding recent and similar nearby sales, and conducting analysis of those comparable home sales to allow our appraisers to document an unbiased and expert opinion of value.

Know Your Assets

Investors and corporate owners increasingly are interested in “books” of business or the cumulative home value of a particular community or collection of homes. Meaningful valuations on these kinds of collected assets can be difficult to obtain. But Datacomp is able to use its industry history, knowledge and its deep database from more than five million valuations nationwide. We provide for insurance purposes a baseline portfolio valuation for just this class of customer.