Solutions for Attorneys and Consultants

Datacomp works nationwide with probate and estate attorneys who value our services on pre-owned home appraisals. The need for a market-based appraisal rather than book value comes from an attorney’s or consultant’s desire for a high-level of accuracy. Market-based appraisals carry a great degree of credibility in court rooms and board rooms.

mobile home legal consultant solutions

We often are called on when a client wants to solidify an estate or family trust case, whether brought on by a death or during bankruptcy proceedings. Datacomp often performs a pre-owned home appraisal for the creditor with interest in probate and estate holdings.

pre-owned manufactured housing market based appraisal

Comprehensive Market-Based Appraisals

Home photographs, measurements, and detailed descriptions of the home and attached structures are gathered and forwarded to our in-house appraisal experts. Utilizing our proprietary database of more than five million manufactured home sales, one of our appraisers calculates the fair market value and produces a written appraisal report. This comprehensive 12-page report is then emailed directly to you, providing you with a detailed description of the subject home, options and accessories, community data, interior and exterior photos, comparable sales data, and a calculation of the fair market value-based determination on comparable sales. Our appraisal reports are welcomed by hundreds of lenders nationwide.

Know Your Assets

Investors are increasingly interested in “books” of homes or the cumulative homes value within a particular community. Meaningful valuations on these kind of collected assets can be difficult to obtain. But Datacomp is able to use its documentation from more than 5 million valuations nationwide, as well as its understanding of MH community performance in specific regions, to form a baseline for portfolio valuations of this class.

Valued Client Direction

We provide time-tested manufactured home appraisals for all types of industry professionals, including attorneys and consultants. Our wide variety of products support strategic business decisions and inform valued client direction, from JLT Market Report data to comprehensive new home appraisals. We help legal counsel in representation of community owners and home owners associations for situations pertaining to rent negotiation, tax matters and estate planning and other arrangements.