New Home Market-Suggested Retail Value (MSRV)
for Lenders & Retailers

Datacomp offers an industry leading new home valuation product intended to comply with CFPB 12.CFR-1026.35 relating to Higher-Priced Mortgage Loans (HPML).

new manufactured home retail value msrv

Accurate Market-Based Valuations for New Home Transactions

The Datacomp MSRV, or Market Suggested Retail Value, is a valuation report intended to fulfill the HPML valuation requirements for new manufactured homes. Based on our trusted platform for accurate valuations, the MSRV establishes an independent, local retail value for a new home based on actual market sales.

Our MSRV product uses a market approach based on comparable, new home sales transactions. Consistent retail values are provided through automated decision-support tools and are appraiser-reviewed for accuracy and reliability.

Datacomp’s MSRV product is easy to use, easy to order and is delivered quickly.

Pre-Sale MSRV for Manufactured Housing Retailers

Many retailers display a pre-sale MSRV in the home to show value to the customer. Also, it gives buyers confidence in the selling price of the home. The report provides insight to the value the buyer will receive from the lender. Finally, it introduces the concept of a valuation to the buyer, so there are no surprises down the line.