Datacomp Clients are Leaders in the Manufactured Housing Industry

Our valuation services and informative reports are used by all the major regional to national manufactured housing financial institutions, as well as by a long list of independent banks and credit unions. Datacomp’s reputation is based on providing timely, flexible and comprehensive information.

The top 10 largest community owners, regional property management companies, developers, investors, lenders, appraisers, homeowners associations and brokers rely on information only Datacomp can provide.

Unlike the real estate industry, manufactured housing has no centralized MLS or listing service. To fill this void, Datacomp has worked to create a national proprietary database of more than 5 million new and pre-owned manufactured housing sales records. These help us accurately complete appraisals. The sales data comes from a variety of public and private sources in the industry, and together with information gained from appraisals and inspections in the field, we are able to provide answers for most of the critical questions asked by manufactured housing professionals.

manufactured housing market data
manufactured housing lender solutions

A lender wants information on the home or background on the community they’re financing. This data might include occupancy rate, average rent and rent increases, home types and the year a community was built. For homes, a report on the features and working condition of systems helps document what is being financed.

mobile home community owners

Community owners and managers want to benchmark communities in their area, understand the average rents for that market, specific rent increases over time and average occupancy. Our comprehensive data sets also allow owners to identify new acquisition opportunities.

manufactured home appraiser solutions

Independent appraisers turn to Datacomp if there is a need, at the bank or otherwise, for comparable sales. Community appraisers also ask Datacomp for specialized information on community attributes, rent comps, valuations on rental homes in the community, insights on the local market and sales/rental activity area wide.

mobile home brokers

Datacomp portfolio evaluations, rent comps, specified data to present to clients, and to fill in any part of the broker’s knowledge gap as part of the due diligence process. Whether it’s helping to affirm the acquisition strategy, tuning in a portfolio or offering market specifics, Datacomp is a valuable resource for brokers nationwide.

manufactured housing investors

Investors of all variety want to understand average occupancy increases for a specific market, average rent increases, how many communities there are by size, when they were built, how many all-ages versus 55+ communities there are, and many other data sets geared toward identifying communities for acquisition or investment. Datacomp’s JLT Market Reports is among the strongest sources of manufactured housing information nationwide for investors interested in any market.

mobile home legal consultant solutions

Attorneys come to Datacomp when they are in need of an accurate value for a manufactured home that is part of a legal dispute — in an estate settlement, bankruptcy or divorce proceeding. Datacomp is an impartial, third-party provider of information.

manufactured home insurance solutions

Datacomp regularly fields calls from insurance providers who need anything from a market-based valuation on an individual home to valuations for full portfolios. We also provide information on pre-owned homes when an insurance claim is made. Datacomp can assess the loss through an onsite inspection, or if the home is destroyed, the appraisal can be based on a combination of homeowner’s description and manufacturer’s floor plan and specifications sheets.

manufactured home owner association solutions

If an HOA is working with a lender to provide financing for a homeowner or homeowners group, Datacomp provides a pre-owned home market-based appraisal. Sometimes Datacomp, as an independent third-party service provider, is brought in to assist in settling a rent negotiation. An association often will order a JLT Market Report for their area to ensure they have the same data community owners reference.

A buyer wants a pre-owned home appraisal of a specific home to make sure the right amount of insurance is in place on the home. In fact, the lender may require it.

government municipality mobile home solutions

Local governments — cities, townships and counties — ask Datacomp to provide appraisal services to help establish fair market values for homes that may be sold for the sake of public development through eminent domain, or for taxation purposes. We work similarly to provide valuations for homes subject to right-of-way development.

homeowner solutions

Homeowners depend on Datacomp as a matter of ensuring proper pricing on a home listing, wanting to avoid leaving money on the table or overpricing the home and spending unneeded listing time.