Datacomp Clients are Leaders in the Manufactured Housing Industry

Our valuation services and informative reports are used by all the major regional to national manufactured housing financial institutions, as well as by a long list of independent banks and credit unions. Datacomp’s reputation is based on providing timely, flexible and comprehensive information.

The top 10 largest community owners, regional property management companies, developers, investors, lenders, appraisers, homeowners associations and brokers rely on information only Datacomp can provide.

Unlike the real estate industry, manufactured housing has no centralized MLS or listing service. To fill this void, Datacomp has worked to create a national proprietary database of more than 5 million new and pre-owned manufactured housing sales records. These help us accurately complete appraisals. The sales data comes from a variety of public and private sources in the industry, and together with information gained from appraisals and inspections in the field, we are able to provide answers for most of the critical questions asked by manufactured housing professionals.

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