Home Inspections

manufactured home inspections datacomp JLT reports

Quickly Ascertain Condition and Quality

Datacomp provides valuable insights for community sales and leasing operations by locating a home and verifying the make, model and serial number, year and size. We document the options and accessories within the home, take photographs on exterior and interior elements and comment on any apparent defects or improvements that could affect the market value of the home.

Our home inspection is important to MH professionals who have acquired or are in the process of acquiring a property that has a moderate to high number of community-owned homes. If an operator or investor is gaining interest in a property that includes owned residences, It’s essential to gain a solid understanding of each home’s condition and quality. This information helps support decision making around a potential purchase or investment, whether to keep or sell any of the existing community-owned homes, what upgrades might turn older homes into higher revenue generating units, and how a community lease and sales operation might come in to play.