Solutions for Homeowners

Placing a valuation report from Datacomp Appraisal on the kitchen table of a home that’s on the market and being shown to potential buyers helps create a level of transparency and buyer confidence that is difficult to replicate. The depth of detail, the accompanying photography, the assessment of vital systems and documentation of exterior condition can provide the incentive a seller needs to complete the transaction.


homeowner solutions

Homeowners who are going through a lender to refinance often are required to complete a home appraisal as a matter of ensuring insurance coverage matches the valuation from our market-based approach.

The Cost Approach

Sellers and buyers want a quick and simple method to determine an average retail value of a specific home come to Datacomp for the “cost-approach” book value of a home. It is low cost, easy to obtain. The approach relies on the year, make and model fo the home, as well as the size. Under certain circumstances the cost approach will meet the need of a lender, insurance provider or homeowners association without entering the process of a full market-based appraisal.