Solutions for Homeowners Associations

When a homeowners association is working with a lender to provide financing solutions or guidance for community residents, Datacomp can step in to provide appraisals of existing homes with the use of comparable sales. This ensures homeowners associations are conducting due diligence on behalf of members, and individual homeowners get fair representation of their assets, with the use of the same data sets a community owner is likely to use.

manufactured home owner association solutions

Datacomp works with associations to the provide market-based appraisals on pre-owned homes. As with any appraisal or inspection, Datacomp has no financial interest in the final valuation, so we provide the clarity and balance that is required in any transaction. We protect associations and homeowners by carefully guarding against conflicts offering an unbiased report.

Quality and Value

Homeowners associations don’t want to leave money on the table any more than individual homeowners do. Datacomp ensures proper pricing of any manufactured home so owners can sell for a fair price, and also so a listing price is not so high that the home won’t move. Make sure the insurance to value is appropriate for a specific home in a specific market. And remember, having an appraisal on the kitchen table during an open house is a great sales tool to reassure buyers of quality and value.