Solutions for Investors

The purchase of or investment in a community requires a vast amount of research and due diligence, from the variety of utility service infrastructure to the condition of roads and community occupancy levels. There is a high likelihood one or more of our 700-plus nationwide inspectors has been in the community and even some of the homes involved in your next transaction. This is why investors in every part of the industry rely on Datacomp’s JLT Market Reports and other sets of valued information each day.

manufactured housing investors

Often, when an investor is involved in the purchase of a community, they’re also purchasing community-owned homes, that will be for rent or sale. Datacomp is the national leader in appraisal services for pre-owned manufactured homes. If you want a line item you can depend on for an aspect of community performance or particulars on an individual home in a new community, Datacomp is the place to turn.

Unique Market Strategy

Acquiring a new community or the expansion of an existing community comes with a long list of questions about average time on market, how larger versus smaller homes are selling, new home purchases and sales versus rental upgrades, and many more. Datacomp has a deep vault of valuable information that can be filtered and fit even to the specific needs of an investor with unique market strategy.