Specializing in Manufactured Housing for Over 30 Years

Datacomp was founded in Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1987, and today our clients represent every segment of the manufactured housing industry. Our success is based on a simple idea; provide accurate and competitively priced manufactured home information delivered in a timely manner and are supported by excellent service.

mobile home community portfolio valuation

There are many appraisal companies in the market. Among the many, Datacomp has found a niche and maintained a diligent focus on providing for one industry: Manufactured Housing.

Datacomp is the national leader in pre-owned home appraisals on manufactured and mobile homes. That’s because we know the industry, and we know the homes. And homeowners along with industry professionals understand the value of our market-based approach that takes into account comparable sales for determination of value. We could have “grown” into other industries. But Datacomp wanted to grow in OUR industry, the place we have our roots. It is like a home for our team. Three decades in, we have more than 700 inspectors nationwide and operate in 150 geographic U.S. markets. Datacomp has compiled more than 5.1 million comparable home sales in those 30 years, all of which provide value to our clients every time an appraisal is ordered.

After 15 years in the business, Datacomp did expand. We started a new listing site for manufactured homes, and now MHVillage is the largest manufactured home market place in the world with about 25 million unique users each year, generating leads for about $3 billion in annual home sales. Datacomp acquired JLT & Associates, which delivers intel on rent, occupancy, and other important metrics to community owners, managers, brokers, and investors in 186 markets across North America.

We thank our customers and partners for helping Datacomp grow, and for maintaining the valuable relationships that make manufactured housing our home.