Datacomp’s California, Oklahoma, Texas Manufactured Home Community JLT Market Reports Now Available

California, Oklahoma, Texas JLT Reports for MH Communities

Datacomp has announced the publication of its September 2020 JLT Reports for mobile home rent comps, occupancy, and other vital data from manufactured home communities in California, Oklahoma, and Texas.

JLT Market Reports provide detailed research and information on communities in 184 housing markets throughout the United States. These include the latest rent trends and statistics, marketing programs, and a variety of other useful management insights.

Datacomp maintains and provides the JLT Market Reports and is the nation’s #1 provider of market data for the manufactured housing industry. JLT Market Reports are recognized as the industry standard for manufactured home community market analysis.

September 2020 manufactured housing market data published in JLT Market Reports for the three states include information from 21 markets on 341 “All ages” and “55+” manufactured home communities.

Altogether, the reports from California, Oklahoma, and Texas manufactured home communities include data representations for 217,547  homesites.

Regional Trends in Manufactured Housing Community Rent

  • Pacific region manufactured home communities show a year-over-year 3.5% increase in rent for retirement communities and a 3.2% increase for all-ages communities.
  • Southwest region manufactured home communities show a year-over-year 3.6% increase in rent for retirement communities and a 4.2% increase for all-ages communities.
  • West region manufactured home communities show a year-over-year 3.3% increase in rent for retirement communities and a 4.8% increase for all-ages communities.

“California occupancy rates remained steady on a statewide basis, with only slight bumps or dips in select markets, while Oklahoma and each Texas experienced a small uptick in occupancy rates,” Datacomp Co-President and Chief Business Development Officer Darren Krolewski said. “September 2020 reports also show a good amount of stable rent growth in the three western states, with just two markets — one in California and the other in Texas — where rents rose beyond what we might anticipate for the average annual increase .”

What’s in JLT Market Reports?

Each JLT manufactured home community rent and occupancy report from Datacomp has detailed information about investment grade communities in the major markets. The detailed information includes:

  • Number of homesites
  • Occupancy rates
  • Average community rents, and increases
  • California rent control and next increase data
  • Community amenities
  • Vacant lots
  • Repossessed and inventory homes, and much more

JLT Market Reports also include management insights that rank communities by the number of homesites, occupancy rates, and highest to lowest rents. Established reports show trends in each market with a comparison of September 2020 rents and occupancy rates to September 2019, as well as a historical recap of rents and occupancy from 1996 to the present date in most markets.

The September 2020 JLT Market Reports for California, Oklahoma, and Texas manufactured home communities are available for purchase and immediate download online at the Datacomp JLT Market Report website, or they may be ordered by phone in electronic or printed editions at (800) 588-5426.

Each fully updated report for mobile home communities is a comprehensive look at investment grade properties within a market, enabling owners and managers, lenders, appraisers, brokers, and other organizations to effectively benchmark those communities and make informed business decisions.