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Manufactured or Mobile Home Appraisal

We have the experience to provide consistent, unbiased appraisals you can depend on. Each evaluation begins with a full interior and exterior inspection. Values are computed using either a cost or comparable market value approach and adjusted for location, condition and verified components.

Our Manufactured or Mobile Home Appraisal is designed for lenders that finance existing mobile homes. This appraisal is used for homes sited in rental communities or on private property and includes the value of the home only. The appraisal process includes a detailed:

  • Exterior Inspection
  • Interior Inspection
  • Component Inventory
  • Replacement Cost Assessment
  • Condition Evaluation
  • Community Evaluation
  • Comparable Sales Analysis

All appraisals are completed by appraisers with training that exceeds HUD standards. Datacomp can complete an appraisal anywhere in the United States. Average turn around time is 4 to 5 business days.

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So What's this Mobile Home Really Worth?

There are two methods used to determine the value of a mobile home, and each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Market Based Comparable Appraisal

This method for valuing a manufactured or mobile home is exactly the same tried and true method used for residential homes. A market based comparable appraisal:

  1. Includes a thorough inspection of the home
  2. Researches recent, similar sales transactions in the local area
  3. Analyzes those sales in comparison to the home being appraised
  4. Produces an independent, expert, and unbiased opinion of value

If you want the true market value of a mobile home, this is the only way to get it. It will take 4-5 days and will cost a little more, but it will save you from buying or making a loan on a home for thousands more than it is worth.

Book Value

The National Association of Automotive Dealers produces the NADA Manufactured Home Value Guide, which is used to calculate the average depreciated retail value of a manufactured or mobile home. The NADA Value Guide was a fairly accurate market value guide in 1975. Unfortunately, in today's market it can no longer be relied upon to accurately determine the local market value of a specific manufactured home. At the lender's request, Datacomp will calculate the NADA Book Value and use it as the "cost approach value" in our Market Based Appraisal.

New Home Valuation (MSRV)

For new manufactured homes, Datacomp has created the MSRV. Learn more about the MSRV.