The Datacomp Philosophy

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Datacomp Appraisal Services was founded in Grand Rapids, MI in 1987. Our clients represent every segment of the Manufactured Housing Industry. Datacomp's success is based on a simple idea; we provide accurate, competitively priced appraisals delivered in a timely manner and supported by excellent service.


With just one phone call, fax or click you can order an appraisal anywhere in the United States. Established customers can order online and track the status of their appraisals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Datacomp understands that each client has individual needs. We don't have a set "way we do things"; we customize our processes to best serve your needs. We can update you as often as you like, whether that is at each and every step of the process, only when a problem arises or at any frequency in between. We offer fax updates, e-mail status reports, real time information on the web, phone calls, whatever works best for you. We conform to your program.

Personal Service

With Datacomp you get the best of two worlds. You get the experience and knowledge you need from a national independent, appraisal expert. You also get the kind of responsiveness and cooperation you would expect from a member of your own staff. At Datacomp, you are the boss.

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